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Purchased Singapore city landmarks twice by accident and don't know what to do!!


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Hello folks,


After I bought Singapore City landmarks a couple of weeks ago through the FS2020 MarketPlace (because it was not yet available through Orbx Central), I then immediately went to my Orbx Central and bought WSSS Changi airport. Silly me - I went to my Orbx Central today (almost a fortnight later) to check for updates and got the Hong Kong one, I then noticed Singapore City on sale at a great price, I purchased and installed to the sim as usual. But I totally forgot that I already purchased it through Market place almost 2 weeks ago! Now, in the sim, I'm getting a "!" at in the content manager - but it won't elaborate as to what the problem is , however I have little doubt that it's because there are 2 installed. 

Can someone please check my account and get back to me via email on file? How do I rectify this in sim? Uninstall? Leave it for now (I have not gone to Singapore to see what the graphics look like yet). Here's a screenshot of the "Placeholder" that should read Singapore City and the "!" (see screenshot) exclamation mark that tells me nothing. Of course I'd like a credit towards another purchase (I really want the RJAA). Please email me when you are able. Thanks in advance. 

PS I'm sorry I forgot to show this order details from Orbx Central :


Your Orbx Simulation Systems receipt [#1430-2553]

Your Orbx order receipt 602a222e478ab


I have zero idea how to get the O/N from MarketPlace as Microsoft never sends me anything - the email address I have registered with MSFS2020 is not the same as the one I use here. I will be happy to provide it if you request it via email.  I'm sure you'll be able to see I purchased Singapore City around a fortnight ago by checking MSFS2020 MarketPlace orders. My username for MSFS2020 is CATAPULTF4E if that helps you.


EDIT - Here are my most recent MSFS2020 MarketPlace orders and I circled what I believe is the original priced Singapore City by Orbx. Sorry, Microsoft doesn't send these - I had to physically go into my purchase history to see this - even then they don't say exactly what was purchased. Anyway I just attached it here. Many thanks




2.15.2021 15-42-14.png

2.15.2021 16-29-47.png

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Thank you Nick. Obviously what you said to do makes sense because I just got off the phone with Microsoft and they told me the same thing - A big problem with Flight Sim Market Place is that Microsoft account information do not say who the item came from - be it Gaya or Orbx or FSdreamTeam etc... They have no idea and neither do I who their partners are - the invoices from them show nothing except credits. They need to step up their game IMO. 

On that note, I'm going to submit a support ticket

Best regards

Edit - do I uninstall this using Orbx Central?


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