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MSF2020 Bryce Canyon Apt crashes to the Desktop on approach

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Hi Nick,

Yesterday, I purchased Bryce Canyon airport, it is my first purchase thru Orbx Central.  The install went well but was installed on my limited C Drive.  I deleted it from my Community folder and moved the airport from where Orbx placed on my C drive into my E drive into Addon Linker.  When it tried it out this morning, when my plane gets close to the airport, my sim immediately crashes to the desktop.  Would you happen to have any suggestions.  This is the first pay ware I have bought.  Addon Linker makes it possible to keep a clean Community folder.  I avoid using the C drive due to limited space. I have been using Addon Linker with great success.  It is a terrific program.  I use it exclusively since I have limited space on my C drive and install my addons to my large E drive where MSF2020 is installed.  When Orbx Central did the install, I saw no option that allowed me to install it, preferably into Addon Linker on my E drive so I could take advantage of the large volumes of space.  You have helped me so much in the past and I appreciate any help you can give me.  By the way, the new Orbx Central is great.

Thank you 


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there is a problem, introduced last Thursday that affects all addon airports that include a .cgl photo insert, as does this one.

The problem is identified and affects all addon airports and scenery by any developer that include one or more of these files.

Is is the result of something having been changed in Bing Data and over which no addon developer has control.

Renaming the .cgl file to .cgX will provide a temporary fix until the problem is rectified by Asobo.

In this case, the file is Community\orbx-airport-kbce-bryce-canyon\CGL\023\sai100.cgl.

As this file is a photo insert, the airport ground might look a little different but you will be able to use it.

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Thanks so much Nick.  I would never have figured this out.  I will look forward to Asobo fixing the problem.  I appreciate all the community addon folks, developers, Microsoft and Asobo are doing.  Things are only going to improve. It has only been in operation for a short time.  The sim is such a fantastic opportunity and Orbx only makes it better.  

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