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GCLA Jetways

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After the latest "EU Canary Islands" update, the jetway bridges still do not connect to the aircraft (B738) in a cold & dark situation.


Can you advise why and if I can rectify this from my side?


I reported this when it was first released.


Thank you.

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I have recently bought "EU Canary Islands". The scenery is really very nice but unfortunately I also have the problems with the jetways.
They don't work for all planes after starting X-Plane at the default parking position. Especially gate 9.


In the attached pictures you can see the planes (Laminar 737, 737 ZIBO and A319) in the default parking position of gate 9 after starting X-Plane.
I have marked the area of the yellow taxi line where the jetway works.


At gate 5 the jetway works with the 737 and the A319. But not with the Zibo.


Please, can the developer have a look at this?





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