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Did Orbx fix the missing ILS Frequencies in their recent airport release?

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I'm interested in Singapore, but told myself no more Orbx airports until this is solved.  Apparently FSDreamTeam has solved this.  Here's my initial post from Orbx KSBA purchase:




I gave plenty of information but no help from Orbx so far.

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Hi Noel,


Apologies, just spotted this. It got buried in the CTD threads :-[


As far as I know the updates didn't involve any changes to the ILS's.


As you've reported the ILS's work fine when manually tuned but I don't think there's any change to the situation where they aren't being autotuned in some aircraft.


The Singapore scenery doesn't include an airport - it's landmarks for the city. Unfortunately, at the moment, I think it's been caught up with the CTD problem which, hopefully, Asobo will sort out sooner rather than later!


CloudSurfAsia, one of the partners, has scenery for WSSS out but I'm afraid I can't tell you whether the ILS's in that scenery autotune.


All the best,



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