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MSFS Singapore Cityscape

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After installing the scenery I can see that is being used--Marina Bay Sands light show, Fullerton Hotel, etc. are all there. However, the Formula 1 track is covered in trees and Marina Barrage doesn't exist. Both of these appear to have been cleaned up the screenshots. 


Is anyone else seeing this?

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3 hours ago, stuarticus said:

However, the Formula 1 track is covered in trees and Marina Barrage doesn't exist.


Hi there,


Thanks for suggesting a new way to enjoy the scenery - hadn't thought of following the F1 track :)


The pit lane building is a POI.



According to the maps I found they actually race down here - mental - :rolleyes:



Over this bridge



Sharp right and up here



Out in the boondocks - admittedly here we put in a few extra trees to mask the images on the Bing PR of the flyovers we'd modelled which looked a bit messy when viewed from an airplane (it is a flight simulator after all!). As far as I can see the road used in the grand prix is clear. Regard the extra trees as offsetting for the environmental impact of F1 :lol:



Anyway, thanks for giving me an excuse to go back and enjoy this great scenery again without my 'testing' hat on.

I look forward to watching next years GP with renewed interest.


Nearly forgot. If you are not seeing the barrage it might be worth doing a verify files.

Here it is.



All the best,



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