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P3D-MSFS Upgrade Price

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Hi there,

I've been holding off for a little while in moving fully to MSFS to let the sim mature a little and am now in a place where I'm ready to start building my addons collection.
I remember that when Orbx launched its MSFS titles it offered generous discounts for previous purchasers of earlier sim versions.

So I'm a bit surprised to see that some of those prices are considerably different.

From this article on FSElite at launch:

London City EGLC should be US$8.99 for existing customers, yet it currently shows as being US$13.05 with discount
Innsbruck LOWI should be US$11.99 for existing customers, but it's listed at US$16.78

There is supposed to be a 40% discount for existing customers but the current prices listed in the store only show a 20% discount price.

Nowhere (either there nor in this forum from what I can see) is it stated that these were introductory or time limited prices. It certainly would have been nice to have known if that was the case as I would have purchased then and left them in my account until I was ready.
Don't get me wrong, I think its great you offer cross platform discounts, but I would have appreciated the chance to save a bit more if I had known these discount offers were time limited so I'm a touch frustrated that this wasn't made clear at the time, or is the current 20% an error?

Thank you

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Thanks Nick,
I do understand that you have the right to change prices, what I am disappointed about is that nowhere was it ever stated that the 40% reduction would be time limited. All I could ever find in the PR was that it would be 40% off for existing owners. Nowehere was it mentioned that this discount would change to 20% after a period of time.


The current discount is 20%, the prices above in the FSElite article list US $.
If we use only AUD$..........
Currently EGLC is AUD$20.99 and shows for me with 20% off at AUD$16.79

Similarly LOWI is AUD$26.99 and shows also 20% off at AUD$21.59


I just wish it had been made clear at the time that the 40% discount would expire, otherwise I would not have waited - That is the thing that has irked me slightly.

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I understand your disappointment at missing an opportunity.

This is what was written:




To support the new platform, we will be releasing several products available at, or shortly after, launch. During the launch window, new products will be available for purchase at competitive pricing levels, ranging from US$7.99 to US$19.99 through both OrbxDirect and the Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace.

We are also happy to confirm that current owners of Orbx the products running on FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane and Aerofly FS 2 that are launched for Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive a 40% discount on those respective products (e.g., if you own London City Airport for Prepar3D or X-Plane, you will receive a 40% discount on London City Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator). As ownership needs to be validated, this discount can only be applied via purchases from OrbxDirect.



The key phrase being "during the launch window".

The current prices and discount should be measured against the price of the product that is already owned and which attracts the discount.

It is not the same discount as that offered in the "launch window".

If you feel that you cannot pay the current prices, there have been sales since the end of the introductory discount, that you have presumably also missed, but I am sure that there will be more.

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