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Errors with files while downloading trueearth


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What free space is there on that 1TB dis?

Is the 1TB disk the only disk you have?

If you have another disk that is your C drive then what free disk space is there on that disk?

Where is your Temp folder located?

All the requirements and checks are in the link given regarding installing True earth addons so do you meet them ALL?

I can assist if you provide more details.

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Thanks. Have you tried the Verify Files option given in the initial error message you posted a copy of in your first post?

If not try that. If still a problem I suggest you Clear your Temp folder, remove your backup copy, uninstall the addon via Orbx central, reboot PC and try a redownload.

Your pic above shows you the option to Clear the Temp folder and also shows you where you will find your backup copies

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