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Central (Xplane 11) not starting


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I've been having a recurrent problem since updating to 4.1.28. When I run Orbx Central from my desktop (I have a lot of Orbx products) it just hangs with a screen saying that it is updating the products that I own. But it never completes. I've checked to make sure that it's not being blocked by the firewall, but that's not it. All of my Orbx products are where they are meant to be and work just fine.


I've found the fix which is to rerun the installer and then everything pops up just fine. It doesn't ask me for my password (it knows who I am once I've reinstalled) so that's not it either. It's working now as I've just reinstalled again but it is an odd problem. I've been wondering if there might be a connection issue to the Orbx servers - perhaps they are busy? Any thoughts?

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Well that didn't work for any length of time. Exactly the same issue. Orbx Central starts and then hangs indefinitely on 'Loading Products and Libraries'. Rerunning the installers doesn't seem to help either. I see other reports of file access and application access and I've gone through those and can't see any problems. There's nothing unusual in my Windows 10 machine and it is fully updated with every patch. I use it for pretty much nothing other than Xplane. 


I guess this just means that I can no longer acquire any new software (or updates). I was looking to see if DDs Tenerife South was available. 


If vendors want to offer software to manage their content on a PC and also to be the purchasing gateway to the products shouldn't it be a little less difficult to work with? The fact that it has its own forum section suggests it not exactly bullet proof.

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