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My new account is not recognised


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I have already posted a query (link below) about how to proceed with a new installation. This query is about my inability to log on using Central.


Unable to access my old account, I created a new one. However, I am unable to log on with this in Central, and also in Firefox using a private window. On my accout details, I've changed both my e-mail address (I have several - I thought there might have been a conflict with records from my old account) and my password, but it still doesn't work. This has happened twice, and I have created two new accounts as a result - thinking the first one had failed - one with username 'haegri' and one with 'hinder.' I'm keeping this window open in case I can't log on again!


Any help would be appreciated.




Update: I am however able to log in in a private browser window if I use the link to this page and enter my username and password, but I can't log in to the main site using my e-mail (the new one I gave) and password.


(Link to my previous post)




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you still have a forum account in the name of haegri, created in 2011.

Please send me the e mail address that you use for that account by Private Message.


You also have an Orbx Direct account in the same name but using a different e mail address.

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