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Can Orbx Central detect installations of products bought outside Orbx?

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I bought A2A's Accu-Feel a while ago, and I'm very happy with it. I don't appear to be having any compatibility issues, so I'm not reporting a fault.


However, I bought the software direct from A2A, before they became partners with Orbx. Orbx Central doesn't know that, and thinks I don't have Accu-Feel. That's not really a problem, but when I installed the A2A P-40 just now, it also downloaded some 'Accu-Sim Shared Components'. Again, probably nothing to worry about, but am I now going to get conflicts between Accu-Feel, and something else that's in use because it thinks I don't have Accu-Feel?


The nicest solution would be for Orbx Central to recognise my installation of Accu-Feel, by entering my registration code or something. Is this possible?

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