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Paris Pack - Very Low FPS

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Hi all,


I got the Paris pack for FS2020 yesterday and first of all I must say that is a very nice add-on. Even if the base city texture is not very well done (not Orbx's fault), having those landmarks during flying is great! Well done on this!




I am having very serious FPS issues now over all the Paris area. I am playing @ 4K ULTRA and usually my FPS are around 30 / 45. Over Paris I get 25 and goes down to 15!!!

My system is:

Ryzen 5950X slightly overclocked.


128GB ram

I have a couple of NVMe disks but the game is playing from an SSD Samsung EVO 860.


Be near 30fps, cause of the added content, is ok. But now going under that limit it is hard to play and get an acceptable experience.

I think I'll need to uninstall the pack as I fly missions all around Paris very often.

Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance,


Dionysios -

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Here's a thread on this issue, including my comments copied to here:



During testing on my mid range system I was having slow fps with most settings set to medium or high and render scaling at 100, the other two sliders at 120.


I have a 3840 x 2160 4K monitor, and 8GB of VRAM.  Trying to run Paris at 4K with Render Scaling at 100 will cause a distinct loss of fps unless you have a beast of a system that will handle the required throughput of 1s and 0s, and for that you're probably talking 16GB of VRAM as a starting point.


Now, if you reduce the Render Scaling back to 80, if you have a similar system to mine, you will notice almost no loss of detail (or look and feel) in the scenery but you should see fps remaining above 25.   


The scenery has been pushed as far as the developer is willing to go in terms of saving texture load etc, and the nature of this Paris landmarks scenery is that if you want more fps, you'll need to lose:


a.  a number of buildings, or

b.  seriously compromise the look of the landmarks and POIs that have been carefully modelled.

c.  or a combination.

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Thanks for getting back John.

I saw the thread after I post my question here and at least I know I am not the only one.

It is only a bit frustrating to have a high end hardware and see it struggling like this! :)


Thanks and have a nice Sunday,


Dionysios -

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Same old story low fps blame hardware , blame your settings are too high . Yes this is very heavy yet again . Dont bother buying better hardware it wont help you . Orbx will eventually find out how to code it better . This is very heavy on my 3090 in VR disappointing was looking forward to this but another scenery shelved till Orbx get it right . 

Look forward to the hopefully soon coming fps fix . Nice flying your scenary in super low res in VR . May look good one day.

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