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Standard and Orbx scenery plotted on top of each other

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I experienced that the standard and Orbx scenery were plotted on top of each other. The buildings and objects in both sceneries are not exactly positioned on the same locations, as can be seen in the screenshots I added to this post. Anyone who knows how to solve this? I installed the Innsbruck scenery from Orbx Central, and I already tried to reinstall it, without any effects.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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welcome to the forums.

if you post the image url instead of the page that it is on, then we can see them without having to leave this site.

I would think that this might stop if you remove one of the two copies that you most likely have installed.

You can uninstall the Asobo version in your Content Manager, or the Orbx version in Orbx Central.

If you have another version, you may have to remove both.







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