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Ctrl+Q doesn't quit the Application and System Tray is unresponsive


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Operating system: Pop OS! 20.10

Simulator: None

Screenshot:  896437040_Screenshotfrom2021-01-3002-56-00.png.ae65fb4fef5c440a05c10d2562dea6ea.png

Issue: Upon pressing Ctrl+Q the app dissapears but the system tray icon remains and the process is still active. Only by running "pkill Orbx-central" was I able to quit the program


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5 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


please go to this page and set the boxes like this:



Hi Nick,


I've unchecked all of the options shown and pressing Ctrl+Q quits the application as intended. But having the "Minimize to system tray on close" then pressing Ctrl+Q still reproduces the problem I've described above. Just wanted to make sure that this is reproducible and if so then it can be something to be fixed. :) 



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