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EGLC and London Pack low FPS - MSFS 2020 (VR and Non VR)

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I know that EGLC and London are very frame hungry areas naturally, however it seems that specifically in VR the frames drop down to around 10-11 as opposed to other areas with add ons at around 25-27?


I use both the Orbx London Scenery pack and Orbx EGLC - (brilliantly designed)


Is there a specific setting in the sim that would assist with this conflict or issue that helps increases FPS without too much of a downgrade on the visual beauty?


Obviously more complex aircraft have an impact on the sim, but generally its pretty smooth alround.


I use an:



Windows 10

3.6GHZ (8CPUs)


GeForce 1080

Occulus Rift S



Keen to mainly find settings or perhaps tweaks to get this much better optimised for VR :-)


thanks in advance.

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  • Peter Lurie changed the title to EGLC and London Pack low FPS - MSFS 2020 (VR and Non VR)

I purchased the city airport and landmark packs last night and find the arrival into the airport unacceptable with FPS around 10. 

Departure to the west is good, as is flying around the landmarks but when landing my FPS tanks. I do not experience this at any other airport or location.


My system is current: Ryzen 5600X, 32GB, GTX3070, all installs on M.2 fast NVME. 

There is a specific issue with this airport that makes it unusable for me. 

Is it possible to uninstall/reinstall and if so, has this been known to help?



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Thanks for the welcome.

I'm not using VR. I use either 1440p on ULTRA or 4K on HIGH settings generally and I see between 30-40fps when in GA aircraft.

The only time I see my fps really tank is when landing at the City airport (to the east). Departure and flying around the city is no problem and as I say, between 30-40fps depending on settings. My concern is that regardless of my PC spec or system/simulator settings, I am seeing unusually low FPS at this airport only and only upon landing to the east.

I might try deleting the airport and landmarks tonight and record my fps before and after install maybe?





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Hello again!


So I deleted these add ons (before I saw your comment) and tested general flight around the city, taking off and landing at EGLC, general performance was acceptable and reasonably consistent (my actual fps depends on the resolution and other graphics settings at the time but try to attain >30fps as a minimum).


I reloaded the Orbx EGLC and City landmark packs (your tip would have been useful had I read it first). After reloading, I find that the fps are generally a bit lower now in and around the airport, maybe 5-8fps lower, but I have not experienced the dramatic drop in fps when landing to the east as I had witnessed previously.


I guess I have to expect and accept a small(ish) reduction in fps when using detailed add ons and I'm ok with this. The tank in fps to around 10fps when landing was totally unacceptable and prompted by initial comment.


In hindsight, I should have performed an A-B-A and confirmed the drastic fps tank on landing BEFORE I removed the Orbx add ons as I cannot be certain now that re-installing had cured the problem (or if it was already cured by some other unexplained phenomenon beforehand).


I'll continue to fly from EGLC and monitor the general performance over the coming weeks and report back here if I have any concerns. As of now, I cannot reproduce my initial issue of 10fps upon landing to the east at Orbx EGLC.


Thanks for answering my call.

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