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LOWI Innsbruck water masking/color issue

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Hello, I am very interested in purchasing the LOWI airport upgrade as I think the overall modeling is some of the best I've seen, but after watching some reviews and demos, the only thing holding me back is the water masking issue. Currently the default has the more correct water color, which is a beautiful glacial blue. The Orbx airport has the airport as a darker muddy color which fades in rather abruptly. It may seem like a small issue but the river is a very noticeable feature when flying in and out of the airport. After all the town gets its name from the river, and it snakes right past the airport making the wrong coloration all the more jarring.


I guess it bugs me a lot because I flew in Xplane for years where every body of water was dull and dark regardless of the location. I feel as though MSFSs water color is a big step in improving the atmosphere of different locations and to see that removed gives me pause. I feel as though the Orbx airport should be an improvement over default in every possible way. I'm a big fan of Orbx airports and I am always on the lookout to add more to my collection. I felt this would be a great new addition but I don't want to lose that glacial river color. Anyway to update the water masking to reflect the real life river? I have included pictures of the real river for reference.




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10 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


to me, the water looks nearest to real life in the section outside the water masking.

I'm not sure how the MSFS water could be changed.


Hello Nick, thanks for the reply.


I guess I was thinking the MSFS water wouldn't need to be changed as out of the box that is the more accurate color already. Could we not just revert the river to stock MSFS in the Orbx version? Some may assume because its a cold mountainous area that the darker water is correct, but the light blue/green color is due to minerals in the water as its a glacial river. So my issue was that in the Orbx version its got a dark blue color that more closely resembles open ocean rather than the light blue/green glacial river. I heard a few other comments from people familiar with the area saying the same thing on all the reviews I read/watched, but I felt it needed to be brought up here.


Here is a quote about the minerals and the river color: "Elisabeth Sötz: The Inn, like most alpine rivers, has water which is of outstanding quality from a chemical point of view. That is because much of its water comes from melting glaciers. This water is naturally filtered on its way from the mountains down into the valley. It contains low levels of nitrates and phosphates, while at the same time having high concentrations of minerals thanks to the rocks it passes over and through on the way to the river. It is these minerals that give the Inn its eye-catching green colour."


Is there no way to just revert the water masking back to the original color? I guess my suggestion would be to just use the stock water masking for the entire river, or if possible tint the water color to a light blue that you see in the real life pictures. That would solve 2 problems at once, as it would make the water color more accurate and it would also fix the abrupt change between the water colors that you see as you fly into the airport. I have attached more reference pictures to show the difference between the default airport (with the glacial blue river color) and the Orbx version (with the dark deep water). Then a real picture of the river for reference, and finally a screenshot from the Orbx version showing the abrupt transition from the default to the new darker ocean color water masking.





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The biggest issue with the scenery is the fact that they've actually made the runway WORSE.

I've just purchased it in the sale and "updated" from the Asobo hand made version of Innsbruck.... today I flew into this scenery for the first time having purchased it... When I landed there were two massive bumps in the runway on the Orbx version and the taxiway rough too!


Not great for a payware product... the terminal looks a lot nicer but the runway is really badly done and I'm pretty disappointed if I'm honest. Also on short finals my entire PC locked up for about 45-50 seconds which hasn't happened before (today was the first time I flew into LOWI Orbx).


This and the out of date London City Airport (which they're refusing to update) whereby the new apron and taxiways aren't even in the product... It's putting me off Orbx scenery entirely.


It's likely with this, the issue I had was the fact that the installation did not wipe my asobo version of LOWI and I in fact had to dig through content manager to remove it myself... but I shouldn't have to do that!

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