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Problem with REX

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Hello, I bought REXCentral, I download it and when I run it I get the problem of capture. 600332805_Capturadepantalla2021-01-21113729.thumb.png.403548760a4bf5db3003830b37ddef87.png


I uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, restarted the computer and followed the same bug.

I've contacted REX support, but they just send me the file .rar I don't have any password to install it

I've used the option to check files and it still doesn't work. My order number is 60083bf9a70ec. I need a solution to the problem.

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1 minute ago, wain71 said:

I understood it that if you bought and updated through Orbx Central all was good, I updated yesterday like that and it worked ok....

I bought it yesterday, I didn't update anything, since I couldn't do anything with the program

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