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  1. I think it's also possible with the PS4 controller, using a X-Box controller emulator. Windows sees it like it was a X-Box controller.
  2. Yes, being present the problem when roads intersect at different altitudes, it's easier to disable the trafic on the bridge, otherwise you have to program every single bridge because it's in a different situation respect to the others. Bridges crossing water ok for the trafic, extrusion bridges with a road below, trafic not possible. Considering the amount of bridges in the scenery world, it's easier to make this way. My intention was to explain the reason
  3. As far as i know it's not possible. You could see a bridge with car trafic on it if it crosses a river or whatever else water area, because there isn't anything below. But if a road runs under a bridge the simulator engine doesn't allow to run cars at different altitudes. If the trafic car is enabled you would see cars running below the bridge to jump onto it and to go down again because the bridge has probably a hard surface and it creates an imaginary volume even below it. For this reason the car trafic is disabled near a bridge.
  4. I replied you in the spanish section, anyway i write down the same solution here for others who may have the same issue: Delete your Documents\REX 6\REX Weather Force folder Press Verify Files again Try to launch REX Weather Force
  5. Ciao, per installare un qualsiasi addon di Orbx hai bisogno di Orbx Central, un programma che gestisce l'installazione e gli aggiornamenti degli addons. Puoi collegarti a questa pagina Freeware - Orbx (orbxdirect.com) e cliccare sul bottone verde "Get Central", poi una volta installata puoi scaricare addons freeware oppure effettuare degli acquisti per il tuo FSX, oppure anche per gli altri simulatori, Orbx central è in grado di individuare quali simulatori siano installati sul tuo pc e di gestire le installazioni per ogni simulatore che possiedi.
  6. My KFC experience is very poor but this console is magic eh eh eh
  7. I personally talked with the MSI support, asking them what about the overclock practice. They replied me that my machine is designed to be overclocked at 4.2 GHz all the time, instead to use the turbo only when needed. I can do that simply pressing the "dragon button" and the machine automatically go on the OC mode. This is absolutely safe, they told me, there isn't the risk to overheat. Overclocking to higher values makes the machine more unstable and there is a risk to damage some component inside. It's true that the k series are designed to be overclocked, but there is always a risk. And performances, when you are anyway up to 4 GHz, are pretty the same. 4,2 or 4,5 doesn't make a huge difference. So here's because a default powerful machine is the best way. I choosed MSI because it offers the feature to overclock slightly the machine just with one button, i find it a great feature.
  8. You got perfectly the reasons because i didn't overclock. And there is also another reason, this from a developer view. You have to develop your software so to exploit as more as you can the platform, not to oblige people to overclock trying to get better performances. On a same platform, you see differences between addons, so this means that you can develop well, to get the right performances. On the hardware point of view, for sure it's true that your machine will last much more without to overclock it, and will be more stable as well. So with a default powerful machine you should go well and you save a lot of power energy getting better performances as you experimented. In the time stressed CPU or GPU start to have problems.
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