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Question: Do you add any objects to default directories?

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I have a question about your software.  I develop freeware airports occasionally, and use default objects.  I'm pretty sure a lot of your objects are not uniquely identified by name and I do not want to use objects that won't show up for people, and, more importantly, improperly use your objects in my scenery.


Rather than uninstall the airports I've purchased from you, the easy solution would be to temporarily move them out of my installation.  This, however, won't be good enough if your installation process installs files anywhere other than your Orbx directories in the OneStore folder.


So, question: Are all your assets in your Orbx directories, or am I going to have to uninstall the scenery to make sure I don't accidentally use one of your objects?




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  • FlyingsCool changed the title to Question: Do you add any objects to default directories?

Ok, great.  I was hoping and assuming that was the answer. Yes, I purchased them through the Microsoft Store, so, they are in the OneStore folder.


Yes, there are clearly named folders for each of the sceneries I have purchased.  I was just worried that perhaps some global files might have been altered, or global files added to the global directories.




(p.s. Oh, I meant the objects wouldn't necessarily be uniquely named so I could tell the difference between default and Orbx objects.  Some are, I don't know if all are)

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