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SODE installed through Orbx Central overwriting my files?


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I installed SODE through Orbx Central

I purchased SODE VDGS payware at Simmarket and that adds some simobjects

Sometimes when I have to re-log into Orbx Central and it looks like things are being reinstalled I lose my SODE VDGS sim object entries in sim.cfg


Is Orbx Central doing this, resetting my files?

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4 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello David,

it should not be, it should only check that the Orbx files are there and only

when verify files has been selected for a product that has SODE files.

twice in December I had performance problems in Prepar3D when at airports

I looked in SODE.log and I had many messages about missing VDGS simobjects. The sim.cfg in that simobject was overwritten with many VDGS models missing. I will look again but what else can do this except Orbx central?

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On 1/4/2021 at 1:16 AM, Nick Cooper said:

Hello David,

also, there is an option to auto update your products and it can and in your case,

probably should be disabled.

You will see that you can either disable all updates or individual products, including SODE.

I will manage SODE manually not through Orbx Central and uninstall through your App if it is not compatible with the payware VDGS Sode addon.

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