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EFHK Helsinki Airport x1 $34.95 AUD not uploaded to my library


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I'm just trying to hopefully find the correct forum to help me get some scenery loaded to my library that I purchased. I purchased 2 airports on new years day USA time, but only received 3 in my library. Your Orbx order receipt 5fef4e688cf13. I am missing the newly released Helsinki in my que. Can someone please help me with next steps to get the scenery uploaded to my library?



Philip Usher




Australia Square
Suite 3601, 264-278 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
ABN 59 120 838 244

The products you ordered have been added to your account.

Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5fef4e688cf13.

EGLC London City Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator x1 $14.69 AUD
ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator x1 $24.99 AUD
EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator x1 $17.49 AUD
EFHK Helsinki Airport x1 $34.95 AUD
Total: $92.12 AUD

orbx purchase jab 1 21.JPG

Orbx New Years Day purchase.JPG

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