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Hello, CTD with recent installed scenery from market place


I have had the similar issue:- Purchased KTIW from Market Place (Delux Premium MSFS Version from MS Store) installed no problems I positioned random A/C to airport as departure dis a few touch and gos all well.


I have numerous scenery /A/C  (Carenado Ovation P44a & Cessna 182) installed some from Market Place some from Orbx directly, I do have Wycombe Park installed from market place a week earlier than KTIW.

As mentioned touch and go immediately after installation on 1/1/20 worked satisfactory, closed MSFS and went back a few hours later to fly in multiplayer from KRNT to KTIW all well but CTD after hitting yellow FLY" button, this kept happening after reboot or PC Shut Down & Restart after much T/Shooting found that flying in to the Seattle area say KORS also caused CTD no warning at all.

I have also seattle land marks from Market place installed several weeks ago.


Since then have found that be unistalling KITW all reverts to normal No CTD using MSFS Default Airport Scenery  for KITW.

Can fly no issues around Seattle and district.


Any thoughts Nick (Orbx) or other users who I know have similar issues, Iread all bout Wycombe possibly an issue or the developer of Seattle Land marks as knowing of an issue. 

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Hello Charlie,

there is a long topic, which is still running, here:


I am guessing that you have seen it.

Various solutions seem to work for different customers and if it is to do with the latest

Simulator update, perhaps even Asobo will not know the answer.

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OK Thanks for that, can you explain I cannot get my head round it why market place scenery produced by Orbx and Scenery installed direct from Orbx central do not as I understand it show up as installed in Market Place after closing and opening the MSFS 2020 on another occasion?,



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you can either install the products directly into MSFS, or you can install them into an Orbx Central Library.

The default location for that seems to be in the Users folder.

It doesn't make any difference to MSFS, either the files are on the Community folder,

or the links to the files are, MSFS cannot tell the difference.

Of course, this applies only to products bought and installed using Orbx Central.

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