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Sam Jetways at GCLA

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Can anyone advise why the Sam jetways, 5 & 9 are not connecting?


The aircraft is in position with engines off and the Sam symbol  is in the top left corner denoting the jetway is available.


I have tried positions either side of 5 & 9 without success.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I have tested and confirm that at least jetway 9 is working fine.

The problem you are having relates to where you have parked. You are too far in towards the Terminal.

Follow this process:

Make a very slow entry towards the terminal following the yellow guide lines.

Open SAM from the top taskbar and got to Airport Operations

Assuming you have already set at Manual, as you proceed along the yellow guide line, the jetway availability will light up Blue on the SAM Airport Operations box.

See the pics below to note the stop point of the 737 and how the SAM Airport Operations jetway light has turned blue.

I the clicked on the blue, and chose Connections and the jetway moved into position.

I didn't try ramp 5 but you need to test that as well. I am sure it will be the same.


Ramp 9Capture.thumb.JPG.45965c66a08eaa474b63af9237ed2646.JPG



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Thanks Jon I will try this. I assume that after I have set it up it will always be in this position. 

The photo I posted was the position of the aircraft set by X Plane at the start, so will this always be incorrect positioning or can this be adjusted.

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Hello Jon, that worked in as much as the jetway now moves to the plane, but it appears too high as photo. Is there anyway to adjust this height wise?

I may need to allow the plane to move forward slightly as jetway covers the cockpit but that is not a problem.

I now need to check gate 5.





I have now tried to adjust the forward position but this makes no difference as the jetway always moves to the same place on the plane as second photo. This is the farthest position before it is out of range.

b738 - 2020-12-30 10.32.46.png


b738 - 2020-12-30 11.31.44.png

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The spawn point of the aircraft used in a cold and dark start at gate 5 (no idea about other gates) is not correctly set in my opinion. See image below



and the next image shows the minimum required position in order to make the jetway connect. That's roughly 1 meter further back (maybe more)



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Jon, another thing I have noticed is that the jetway is shown in a different position from the right hand side as you can see from this photo to the previous left side.

It is also difficult to get the Sam to display the door every time and I have to close X Plane to re-enable it.


It appears to me there are many problems with this jetway system.1151350196_b738-2020-12-3012_02_58.thumb.png.281d94ab7a19c21e0042b7227a3dd4a8.png

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Gate 5 is working ok in auto and correct height when entering the gate and icon shows blue when in position. When starting from cold and dark aircraft is out of position so jetway does not move.


Gate 9 does not operate at all when entering the gate when in position or at cold and dark.

b738 - 2020-12-30 14.29.28.png

b738 - 2020-12-30 14.36.01.png

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