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Buildings missing in Santa Barbara airport 2

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Hi all,


Having updated Santa Barbara with the latest Orbx Central, I seem to have the same issue as the OP. All the building are gone.

I have read the various suggestions the folder size on disk is 176MB, with 229 Files, in 8 Folders.

I deleted Rolling Cache and checked that Bing Data World Graphics and Photogrammetry are on.

Everything else is working fine. It's just this beautiful scenery. Any suggestions much appreciated.



Microsoft Flight Simulator 27_12_2020 18_53_51.png

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Thanks Nick. I also bought the Orbx London landmarks, when they first came out, as well as London City EGLC airport, which were bought in-game, and these are both just fine. This makes me think it's less of an issue with my PC or settings, but more of an issue with Santa Barbara, or perhaps the way FS is interacting with the Community folder version of Santa Barbara. Having said that other Community content eg my Savage Carbon is there, as are all the different liveries.


Should I try to download via the game, now that its available there. I don't want to pay twice, obviously!


Cheers,  Nick


PS The live weather today, even in Southern California, is atrocious, so we did miss the terminal buildings!

Microsoft Flight Simulator 28_12_2020 15_50_33.png

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