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LOWI Addon Error while Installing

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welcome to the forums.

Please try a visit to Orbx Central\Settings\Downloader, where you will find two Clear buttons.

Click on each of them and try verify files again.

If that does not work, please go to Orbx Central\Settings\Help\Open Log.

Open the Log and delete its contents.

Then try verify files again and if the error message persists, when it has completed, return to

the log, open it, use "save as" to make a copy and attach that to your next post.


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Hi Nick,


I have the same problem and tried your recommendationa to no avail. I'm not getting an error message, but the MS Flightsimulator 2020 crashes a few seconds after loading the scenery. After uninstalling the Innsbruck Add-on everything works fine. I attached the logfile as requested.





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