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CS Sydney after yesterday's MSFS patch

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Hi Guys,


For some reason the scenery doesn't show up since the patch (harbour Bridge has turned back into default bridge).  Content manager shows it's installed, and Orbx direct too. But it just doesn't show up anymore..


Is this just me or has it happened to others? What's the best way to troubleshoot if I've already done a Verify Install in Orbx Central?



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I see that there is a report of a CTD at KTIW, also attributed to the recent update.

I cannot replicate that either but I did notice that a previous freeware "fix" for the DA62

now swaps the cockpit displays.

It seems that addons are always a risk and I wonder if that could be

what has happened to you.

Here is what I am seeing, no change:




If you did add anything else in this area, try removing it and see if the scenery comes back.

The ideal solution, as a starting point, is to just use this cityscene on its own.

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Thanks Nick, those are very good ideas.

I do use a number of freeware plane fixes, and I was flying the A320 with the FlyByWire mod at the time.


I'll remove those and try again, actually I have quite alot so I'll empty the community folder except for liveries and Orbx library links.

I trust this will work fine



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