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SkyPark user manual questions ...

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So I am wondering what is wrong with me.


Purchased Skypark. User manual for Skypark in Central will not work so I am unable to look at any kind of user manual.

Loaded up a flight in FS2020 and wondering how the hell you start up Skypark?????


What's the shortcut key? I can't find any info in the simulator menu's. Kind of weird guys. Tell me I'm not stupid.

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After you have installed using Orbx Central, there should be two icons on your desktop.

The simulator needs to be running first.

Then you will need to start the transponder.

Then you can open the SkyPad.

And if you are still having problems, please click on the support button on the product page in Orbx Central and it will take you to the developers support site.



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Thank you for the response Doug. That explains my problem too. I used Central to install SkyPark but it did not place the two icons on my desktop.

I wonder how I would get them placed on desktop now.


Will keep looking , thanks for any help.


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