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Cityscape Sydney extremely slow download speed

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Purchased Cityscape Sydney this morning, with another product. Download speed is extremely slow, as low as 3.56kb/s!

My internet connection capable of up to 50 Mb/s, tests at various times showed download speeds in the 40+ Mb/s range. No trouble running other apps , YouTube etc. in parallel.

Have paused, then resumed a few times, even restarted pc on a couple of occasions.

Down load started 10:34am 22 Dec local time, 11.34pm 21 Dec UTC.

After 9.5 hours, plenty of 'connection interruptions'  and 64% downloaded, (6.37 / 7.6 GB), there must be a problem with Orbx servers.


Any suggestions or help?

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Possibly a problem with Orbx servers, yes, but in almost every case of slow downloads to date it has been demonstrated that the problem lies with the pathway from the servers to your internet connection, whether it's your ISP, a mid point server, a slow satellite... it's extremely difficult to know.  Often if there are corrupt files cached in servers along the line, it can cause problems.


I have had success in restarting Orbx Central, and with resetting my modem, other times nothing works and I have to wait until miraculously it all runs smoothly again.


I just ran a download test on the Sydney Cityscape file and I'm getting 5.5MB/sec, close to the limit for my 50Mb/s connection.

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