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TrueEarth, Southern California SD, attempt install Orbx never leaves "Queued".


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TE SoCal wont download. 5fe1170629459

TE SoCal SD; Transaction number 5fe1170629459; download 20 MB/s.


Hi Nick,

  Central Log provided.
 E:\temp is the folder in a new 256GB SSD.  No new data installed in several hrs.

 I have performed all the steps you mentioned.  It still does not download the product; it remains "Queued".  However, it did produce this sub-directory: 
 ( C:\Users\dogg2\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central ), about 48.2MB of new something, amongst several newly created folders within this "Central" directory. 

  Two hours later, not a single byte of product downloaded to my computer. The C Drive has over 130GB free space.


  I recall a previous transaction using "FTXCentral".  I paid for the product, downloaded the product ( about 40GB ), and used the product. Same operating system and data transfer speed as today.   I recall I used what was referred to as the "Manual" method. Just download, install, and use. Easy Peasy.


 I noticed OrbxCentral tries to offer other services, not forced to use with FTXCentral, services I dont want.  It's likely that the new services are preventing the download.


  I'll leave my system on all night, about 14 hrs, and see if I was supposed to wait in the 'Q', or what.


  Of course if this persist,  I'll have to quit trying eventually, in about 1 week; cut my losses, close my "Account" and demand my money back.


 Perhaps, you can offer an alternative method to load files outside the OrbxCentral process, of which apparently is causing tremendous frustration among your loyal customers.





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