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London City PBR issue.

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So I picked up both the Orbx London scenery workover and EGLC packages last night, noticed that after sunset some of the buildings and bridges etc glow bright white.

Plenty of bloom but no textures whatsoever. I'm 99% sure it's down to a PBR and rendering issue but not sure where to start in order to resolve it.


Cheers! (and merry Xmas!)


Ross Davey



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I cannot replicate what you are seeing I am afraid. I attach a pic of what i see at 3.25am in the dark at EGLC looking towards Canary Wharf and beyond.

I have Light Bloom OFF, Light Shafts and all related "Light" aspects either OFF or turned right down. I find the sun glow for example way too much hence my reduction or OFF of most Light related settings/

Doesn't help yo i know but there is nothing untoward about the addon that I  can see. I can only suggest maybe a reinstall or a Verify Files but as I  said, I don't see anything wrong with the addon itself and am unable to replicate what you are seeing.



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