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LIRQ strange texture...

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although this is a Gaya product and their support is here, it should look like this:




One way to check is to rename your Community folder to CommunityX,

create a new Community folder and move just this airport product into it.

Then start MSFS and see how it looks on its own.

If it still looks broken try Verify files.



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I cannot speak for Gaya but I will do my best to help you out with the installation.

I do not see that there is an intrinsic problem with the product or its installer.

Can you try this:

Rename your Community folder to CommunityX.

Create a new Community folder in the same place.

Open Orbx Central and run verify files for LIRQ.

This should leave you with a Community folder with only one folder inside it,





Then open MSFS, go to LIRQ and see if it is working as mine does.

The reason I ask this is that I have done exactly that and as you can see from

my screen shot, it works.  



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