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After install I have error regarding new airport EGNM Leeds Bradford AP.


Steps taken:

1. Uninstall

2. Delete Orbx backup

3. Fresh Install 

4. Verify TE, Lib and Airport files

5. Sync Sim via Orbx Central.


I've read through the log.txt and can see missing Orbx assets for more than just EGNM and some other conflicts. It appears that some assets are requested from Orbx that may feasibly never exist, for example SAM assets. I've checked and the 'castle image asset' is indeed missing from the referenced folder. I have TE GB and some other airports that all load just fine. I have attached log.txt and scenery.ini.


Regarding EGNX - all seems fine except night lighting - Lighting 'bloom' i think is 10 x normal on left screen on 3 monitor system. Also, runway threshold lights bug still exits when spawning on runway.


I'd be grateful for some assistance with this. Thanks in advance.

Log.txt scenery_packs.ini

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How are you being notified of errors? Is it an on screen notification? Errors that affect the running of an addon are usually the On Screen ones. 

The installation of SAM is a requirement for EGNM so having it disabled will result in an error message. Whether you use the Jetway facility or not is up to you but you will get an error message if it is disabled as it is notifying you of missing assets required to conform the integrity of the addon.

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Hi Jon,


Thank you for your response. Yes it is an on screen error notification. Having enabled SAM the error is fixed - thanks for the resolution. 


As an aside (please excuse my ignorance if I'm misunderstanding something) I do wonder why SAM should be required? It's great that SAM is integrated into airports however, it seems to me that there is no reason why SAM should be a requirement to prevent package failure - talking with considerable back-end and front-end coding experience with web technologies - it's a scenario that is counter intuitive to best practice in my world.


I am pedantic when it comes to coding and my question on this is more out of interest. 


Finally, I've come to realise that there is an general issue with airport lighting on my multi monitor set-up affecting one monitor. Is this a known bug? 


Again, thanks for your assistance.

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