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Can not move Orbx shortcut files from the MSFS2020 Community folder on my Windows PC


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I want to remove the link files that were placed in the Community folder when I installed some Orbx products in a separate library folder they created during the install.

My reason: I am using the great, free FS Addon Linker utility to manage which addons are currently loaded into the Community folder. The purpose is to keep that folder mean & lean - only containing items needed for the next flight. This greatly speeds up loading the sim. For example, a flight in CA with commercial jets. Or a Flight with a GA aircraft in the NY area. The tool make it easy to accomplish this, once you organize your addons into another folder, or set of folders. You create presets for any conditions you want, and a single click quickly implements that, by putting links in the Community folder of the desired items for that flight. 


It is easy to move the Orbx product files to other locations. BUT, the shortcuts they place in the community folder are really weird.  I can easily cut, copy and delete and move any of the other links in the Community folder. However, if I simply right click on the Orbx links, my file browser shuts down! I can not examine or change the Properties of those files. They have some strange properties.


I need help in removing those shortcuts, so the Addon Linker can put new ones in when I need them.

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  • SilverFaun changed the title to Can not move Orbx shortcut files from the MSFS2020 Community folder on my Windows PC

I believe I have figured out what is happening. It is a Windows issue.


If I move the files and folders from the location they were originally installed in, the links to those files remain in the Community folder and they  obviously cant work any more.


That makes sense, but its how they behave that I find unusual.  If you right click on them to look at the properties of those links, the tool that you are using to see the links (i.e., file explorer, or other alternatives) will shut down. I've not seen that behavior before.

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I tried renaming the Orbx Central LIbrary and then selecting properties.

This was the result.




Restoring the name of the Library folder made the links work again.

Do you perhaps have additional software that you use for managing your files?



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