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New SSD Drive Issue


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Hello, I bought a new SSD drive and moved all of XPlane over to the drive very easy. Orbx central cannot find the files now and I believe I messed up the pathways by attempting to change them to the new drive. If you can get me back on track I’d appreciate it. I am going to remove everything and reinstall it to see if it can go on the new drive and that takes care of it. Thank you


Update* I really screwed it up and need the proper process.



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welcome to the forums.

When run once, X Plane 11 should write its new location into 


It should not matter where it is.

Orbx Central will then read that text and find your copy of X Plane 11.


Try visiting the file and delete any irrelevant entries, or perhaps all of them

and then run X Plane 11 and check that it writes its new location in.

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