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lost orders

Les Lewis

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I recently purchased some airports from you 5 in all but due to connection problems the three remaining airports KTIW, KORS and KBCE are no longer available to download. I do not leave my computer on awaiting the retry's, just a thing I do not do.

Can you tell me how I can download the three remaining airports. Your transaction ID / receipt number .




Les Lewis

Your transaction ID / receipt number is 


Australia Square
Suite 3601, 264-278 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
ABN 59 120 838 244

The prod

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Thanks for coming back to me the problem has now been solved. I waited fro the Black Friday rush to slow then it was OK although a little slow to start off.


I realised after making the post that my airports were sitting there waiting to be downloaded but in a slightly different spot.


Thanks again for your time and effort, much appreciated.



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