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Library not Recognized after Central Re-Install


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I wiped my disk and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, then re-installed Orbx Central.  After logging on it did not recognize my primary library which, by the way, is located on my F: drive.  In fact it was giving me dialogs like I was a new user.  It did find several other empty old and empty libraries on several different drives, but not the one actually in use by X-Plane and Orbx central. After messing around within account settings it did eventually find it.  This is a bit confusing, and implies that there are settings on the local computer and on your website which can be in conflict.  Perhaps with your app architecture it's not possible to use the website based version in those situations, but if it is, that would be less confusing and perhaps less troublesome if someone starts trying to create new unnecessary libraries.  This would be especially true for someone who is an infrequent user of Central.  Hope this is helpful.  

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I cannot think of any software installed anywhere that could survive the "wiping" of the disk onto which is was installed.

It does have a "Scan for Libraries" tab, which will find a properly constructed Orbx Central Library

and instructions in the User Guide on how to add that library back into Orbx Central.




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