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EGNT southside doesn't match official screenshot

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Enjoying the addition, not least because it is my local airport where I did almost all of my later flying from. I was also the original proprietor of the General Aviation Terminal i.e. Samson Aviation. It is the depiction of the hangar etc. that makes me comment - it's actually way smaller than the actual building, although the proportions are correct, and should be at least 30% larger - I know because I built it! Also the depicted vehicles around it are over-sized if you compare them to the aircraft, which actually emphasises the problem with the building size. Strangely, I've no problem with the other buildings on the south apron, they all look okay.


I appear to have lost all my photos but attach a couple I've found on the web that shows what I mean.


Is there anything that can be done to modify these small imperfections - or should I address my concerns elsewhere (first time I've used this forum).




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