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Mistaken Purchase

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Well I did something stupid and I don't know how I could have made the error. (I don't drink - but I am getting up in age.)


I bought CYEG for a friend and I could have sworn I was buying a version for the new ms flight simulator.


He contacted me after installing Orbx central to tell me that the version he was seeing is for Prepar3D. He doesn't own that sim. He does own fsx but that isn't installed due to him switching to msfs.


Now I've checked my browser history and my Orbx account and the Orbx store and I can't see an offering of CYEG for msfs anywhere. So it seems, incredibly, that I somehow got confused and bought the wrong version.


I've told him to hold off installing the airport until I contact you guys. If I provide his email address, for account verification, is there a way for you to confirm that he hasn't downloaded the airport? If so, can that purchase be returned for a credit?


Thanks and sorry for the error,



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