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Problems EDDT in MSFS

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Dear Orbx team, I love your addons.


But in Tegel (EDDT) there are conflicts with the runway names.

The Orbx data is correct, but I think the Msfs data is wrong.

For example, if I want to start from the 08R, and taxi to the holdingpoint, the CPU load goes to almost 100% and I only have 4 fps.  Rolling or flying is not possible.

08R and 08L are swapped in Msfs. I think it's the same with the 26R and 26L. But this only happens if you use the ATC from the msfs.

AI traffic is not possible with it. All machines have to perform touch and go, because the names are incorrect.

The fault is not yours.

Clearly a mistake from Msfs for me. Could you perhaps check this out and possibly pass it on?

The drastic CPU load always occurred in the Airbus when I entered the flight plan into the FMC. With a simple route only SID and STAR to test.

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