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Central has recognized MSFS, but I am unable to get FSX into central


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As the title state, I have loaded the newest version of central onto a new computer. I have both FSX and MSFS installed. When Central first initiated it asked what to scan for, and I hit the MSFS button. But since have been unable to get it to find FSX , and it does not recognize my previous purchases for FSX. Any ideas as to what I am not doing correctly? Btw, I am not computer savvy sometimes so please type slow.


Thank you, Chris

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How's it going Doug?

Been awhile since I've needed support, however I got an issue that I've been trying for three days to correct with no luck! Before I go further, I have read the issue concerning global vector and have the document in hand - however, no success with AEC issues as when I click on the Global Vector Config tool the app opens okay but immediately after I get a message - "No installed simulator was found on your system," FTX Vector configurator will now exit!" I followed the posted information from your website and made the necessary adjustments to path(s) mentioned within the document, 'regedit' was looked at, but needed no adjustment as its value(s) were already set to Co-existence - and "0" and closed it as it gives me the willies to be inside regedit! I followed the document to the letter to its end and did cleanup on FSX directory paths as well.

Started the sim up and I still had the same issue. My only conclusion (based on what I know at this point) there's something I didn't do but I can't put my finger on what that would be....Oh, my sim is FSX-SE! Everything else is fine and my sim runs well, however, I limited to where I can takeoff and land due to the configurator issue at the moment.

Hope you can help....Have a good rest of your day!

Richard Rice

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Doug, loved that program you attached yesterday as it removed all fear of tackling my situation, sadly however, it didn't fix my problem. I getting to the point MSFS2020 may not be a bad move...just hope I don't break the bank in purchasing the addons that go with the platform! One last thought, Global Vector doesn't require additional tweaking before or after installation does it?


Thanks again!!



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6 hours ago, Ricere said:

Global Vector doesn't require additional tweaking before or after installation does it?


No it does not, but have you tried going in Orbx Central to settings\help and run the sync simulator function?

I believe you will also need Global base installed, and be sure you have all the .net framework versions installed.


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