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My MSFS 2020 has disappeared from Orbx Central (version 4.1.23)

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I had MSFS 2020 and P3D V4 recognized by Orbx Central (normally you will be able to check my product purchases for MSFS2020)
Then while installing P3DV4 scenes, I noticed that I could no longer select MSFS2020 in Orbx Central. now I can choose everything except MSFS 2020, while neither FSX, P3DV1, V2, V3 and V5 are installed)
and therefore I can no longer buy and install scenes for MSFS2020.
can you explain to me why MSFS2020 disappeared? how to make it reappear?
Can you help me please


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 This has happened to me twice so far and each time has corrected spontaneously after updating MSFS 2020.

 First thing to do is start MSFS and let it update. . If there is no update available I'm not sure how to cure it.


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