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Orbx Central Error


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I have two Orb x scenery packs, UK North and UK Central installed successfully. However, I purchased the UK South to complete the series and it will not install.

Reference number below.
I am getting an error, first “Orbx Central worker failed to launch etc.” Followed by “A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action.”
I have been to the forum and followed the advice.
1. I have enough space on the destination drive.
2. I deleted the “App Data User” files.
3. I Uninstalled and reinstalled Orbx.
4. I deleted and reinstalled the Runtime stuff.
5. I restarted my PC and turned off all Antivirus and Firewall software.
The error persists. 

Is there no way to contact Orbx Support other than via the forum?

I am getting an error when trying to download True Earth GB South. I have installed North and Central some months ago, but now I’m getting “a communication error.”

Your scenery is exceptional, and I had no trouble installing it before. However, this is really frustrating. 
Please advise.
Malcolm Littlemore 


Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5f8eb9e0f27f2.

TrueEarth Great Britain South - X-Plane 11 x1 $44.21 AUD
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Hi Doug,

Thanks for your help. I got everything working, yay. Your use of the word “quarantine” was the clue.

I had been turning off all McAfee scanning and the firewall. But the culprit seems to have been my backup app, True Image. It has a protection mode built in that I had forgotten about, and when I disabled this, the download worked just fine.

So, for anyone with this problem - if you use True Image, turn off the protection module.

Again, thanks - much appreciated.


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