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MK Studios EIDW not correctly installed from Orbx Central?

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i purchesed EIDW yesterday and tried to install it through Orbx central. I am running P3D v4 and already checkt that I have the latest version installed.  Orbx central says that everything is installed successfully, but once beeing in dublin I still see standard scenery and a lot of jetways standing around somewhere on the apron (see screenshot). In Add-ons and Scenery the Dublin Scenery does not show up thats why I suspect that installation is not done correctly through Orbx Central. I already tried reinstalling it through Orbx central and find no other option where to configure something. 

I dont use the payable Orbx base pack, but that should hopefully not be a problem. 


Can anyone help me? Otherwise I might just ask for a refund of this because its not working at all :(


thx and regards


prepare4d version:

Screenshot 2020-10-18 000432.jpg

Screenshot 2020-10-18 000711.jpg

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