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Orbx Central can not update


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The Orbx Central 4.1.23 is not seeing the 4.1.15 update at all.  I am in the fastlane group. 

I currently run P3D v5 but  the Orbx global bace and global tree does not show up when a flight is loaded, that why I'm thinking  the problem is Orbx version, please help thx!

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Thank you for answering.

The Orbx global does not show up when a flight is loaded. but the Orbx global trees HD can work without any problem only one time

. I already gone to setting/help to run the sync simulator also run verify files on the produce page but still not work..is it related ordx central versions?I compared some airports/sceneries before and after but almost the same in my case I also compared this scenery with same area (with Orbx global)it's totally different....just one more question, is the 4.1.23 support for p3dv5? thx~




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I am seeing what I expect to see, the Global Base pack is in your add-ons list and

there are the three OPENLC entries in your scenery library.

Airports and Orbx regions will look no different with or without Global Base.

I made a topic here to show what things should look like.



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