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Usually the information given below is part of a user manual. As MSFS and the SDK are constantly evolving, it probably makes more sense to list a few items here that can be kept up to date.


I get a CTD after 1 min flight, what can I do?


In most cases users are affected who are using rolling cache. Try following the 3 steps below:


  • Deinstall CS Sydney.
  • Delete your rolling cache.
  • Reinstall CS Sydney.


Also try increasing the size of your rolling cache.



Why do I see floating buildings?

If buildings are floating/lifted - especially around CBD - please check "Bing data" in the MSFS data option panel. For some reason this had automatically been set to off after one of the previous MSFS patches (only a few installs are affected).

CS Sydney only works properly with Bing dat set to ON. Otherwise only a very low-res mesh is loaded and the building groups won't fit.



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