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Orbx in MSFS Marketplace question

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11 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


I would imagine that they will all be added to the Marketplace but the Marketplace

seems only to be updated when MSFS itself is, at least so far that has been the case.

Hi Nick,


If there is an update for an Orbx product, will that update eventually be provided  for MSFS marketplace purchases of Orbx products? Will the update happen automatically or will I need to do something to activate the update. Can we get the updates directly from Orbx if we purchased from MSFS market place?


Finally, that leads me to the question as to should I make my Orbx purchases through MSFS marketplace (Steam) or should I buy them directly from Orbx. I currently own KSBA, Darrington, KORS, KTIW, LOWI, and KBUR.  I purchased KBUR directly from Orbx and the rest from MSFS marketplace.





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the two are entirely separate.

Once the decision is made, the customer will need to stick to the chosen purchasing medium.

All updates will be released to both but will take longer to reach the Marketplace than Orbx Central.

Please have a look here:




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