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OG20: Installation errors

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I am using Orbx Central to install the freeware OG20 scenery pack for MSFS2020.  When I do so, it says installation failed.  I don't believe that it did, because I loaded into the sim at that airport, and the scenery looked like the video (caveat: the trees were missing, but that's a known issue).  I attempt to "verify files" and I get a message that says "1 file(s) failed to extract."  Since I'm not going to try to hack Orbx Central, I don't know why it failed to extract.  If there's a log I can look at, I might be able to provide more information.  I'm using Orbx Central 4.1.23.  I can't find an order # anywhere in my email, but OG20 was free, so I wonder if there even was one generated.


Here's a screenshot of the error:



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