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Initial problems with September patch for MSFS 2020

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I purchased MSFS 2020 a month or so ago . After the six hour download , ( due to the Neolithic properties of my internet connection ) , the sim ran well and I was more than

pleased with it . 

Then the new patch ( the second one ) came along and , to quote an old expression , ' all  the wheels came off ' .

The new patch deleted the original download . So after deleting all files , three more unsuccessful attempts were made to re-install , uninstall , re-install etc ....

After having ' clocked up ' over 60 hours of this I knew when I was beaten and asked for a refund from Steam which I received within a few hours . 

In no way shape or form have I any criticism of Steam . 

I then purchased MSFS from the Microsoft Store and got the download done . 

All well and good . 

I am now faced with the dilemma of downloading another ' update ' and am flying ' offline ' at the moment for fear of walking through the ' minefield ' 

that , at the moment , seems to pervade and threaten all those with a slow internet connection and those , myself included , who have a strong desire to hold onto what

little remains of my sanity . 

Any help or tips would be appreciated . 



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the initial download of mine took 14 hours.

I see no reason why the update would not work for you but

as we do not support the simulator but only the Orbx products

for it, I would advise you to go ahead. I don't think you really

have a choice.

How slow is your internet connection?

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