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Several same airport files in the content manager

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I have purchased your Innsbruck product in the Marketplace. Now I have 3 LOWI (Innsbruck) -airport files in the game content manager listed. Two of them were pre-installed with the main FS2020 program installation. Can I delete the two Asobo Studio files (Landing Challenge & standard LOWI-airport) and just keep your better Orbx-version? …or will the “Landing Challange for LOWI” not work properly without the original Asobo Studio file?

Generally speaking, which airport file does FS2020 use, when it has several to choose from?

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as things stand, if deleted, anything installed by Microsoft will be automatically reinstalled.

That is one of the changes to be made in upcoming update.

You should not need to delete any folders but after the update you could choose to.

I would suggest that you try simply moving the folders to gauge the consequences.

To be honest, 34 MB is not really going to be critical one way or another.

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