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Santa Barbara texture issues

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Hi Mark,


I see the same thing. Looks like some of the surrounding photogrammetry outside the airport is a bit funky! That's a bit outside our coverage, but I agree it's not a good look.

Thanks for spotting, I'll make sure to flatten that area out and put a 3D model there instead.



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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Santa Barbara texture issues


one more thing to check while fixing things.  while watching in Multiplayer mode on aircraft landings, the plane are on contact at the head of Rwy 25, but when they come down to the first 2 taxiways their floating off the ground. not sure if the rwy is sloped or not. Just a FYI. 



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I stilil have loads of texture issues in Santa Barbra - Although you cant see it from far there's a ton of square looking trees everywhere and in addition RWY 07 is missing papi lights....(not that I need them being the best sim and RW pilot ever) but STILL! :P


Any update on the artifacts or papi's? will this be getting a MSFS update soon? Thanks in advance. Other than that great scenery...


Notice no papis in my testing video:


and if you see the photo attached its as if every bush is a blocky or a cube coming out of the ground - they are everywhere. As you say - it may be MSFS area. 


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