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Unble to see LOWI in MSFS

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I have a new PC. I Installed MSFS not in C: drive which is only for Win10 but in D: drive


I Installed the MSFS Initial app in D: Root drive. Then when I started MSFS, it wanted to install the content and asked me where to install that.  I Pointed to the D: root folder, instead it asked for a folder, so I created a new folder MSFS in D: drive and it created two sub folder within MSFS , Community and official and I can start and fly in MSFS


Then I downloaded Orbx central and bought LOWI via Orbx site and tried to install that. Got into trouble like I could not successfully see LOWI within MSFS so I uninstalled everything and retried

Now I have installed LOWI  within its own folder in D:\Orbx Library\  Which is Main Orbx Library It occupies 3.4 GB 

iI have not installed any other Generic Library

Is this Orbx LOWI?



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